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We are a company which for many years has been providing legal support to employers who employ or plan to employ foreigners for their company.

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Conducting business activity in Poland
as a capital company.

Are you planning to start your new business or increase the territorial scope of your business by opening a new branch in Poland? Have you thought about establishing a limited liability company or a joint stock company? Remember that a Foreigner (with minor exceptions) may start a business in Poland only in the form of a capital company. Employer Poland will carry out the entire process of registering the company in the National Court Register, as well as provide comprehensive legal advice necessary in each company. The client may focus on developing its business without fear of neglecting the legal aspects thereof. Such a solution will improve the verification of business ideas in terms of applicable laws.

  • We will adjust the articles of association for the Client’s specific needs;
  • We will visit the Notary Public to sign the Company’s articles in the form of a notarial deed;
  • We will prepare appropriate forms and report the entity to the National Court Register;
  • We’ll help to set up a bank account;
  • We will give a recommendation from a reputable accounting firm;
  • We offer current legal advice necessary for running a business;
  • We offer debt collection, drawing up contracts, obtaining necessary administrative permits.