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We are a company which for many years has been providing legal support to employers who employ or plan to employ foreigners for their company.

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Posting workers from abroad to Poland.
Posting Foreigners working in Polish companies for work
under international contracts.

The process of posting workers to and from Poland to other countries is complicated not only in terms of the logistics of the project itself, but also in terms of the extraordinary complexity of legal regulations related thereto. This is due to the fact that two different legal systems are always involved: applicable in the country from which the employee is posted and the country where the employee periodically carries out the work. In the case of posting a Foreigner employed in a Polish company abroad, this situation becomes even more complex. In order to carry out the posting process properly, Polish, EU and international law must be taken into account. The Employer Poland team specializes in all legal aspects related to this type of activity and we provide professional legal support to companies that have contracts in another country concluded and want to take advantage of the benefits that can be achieved through posting employees.

  • We obtain work permits on behalf of the Client so that a Foreigner in Poland can be employed (foreign employees may to be posted outside our borders, provided that they work legally in Poland)
  • On behalf of foreign entrepreneurs, we obtain work permits for employees posted to Poland, so that they can work legally in the territory of Poland;
  • We help Foreigners obtain the necessary residence permit (visa, residence card) so that they can legally stay in the country of employment or posting;
  • We obtain a A1 form and a certificate of fiscal residence;
  • We report the posted employees to the competent authorities (the competence of the authority, the form of the report and the legal requirements of the report depend on the regulations of the country to which the employee is posted);
  • We obtain visas for the stay of a posted employee over 90 days (Vander Elst);
  • We draw up and analyse agreements and contracts between international entities;
  • We give our opinion on issues related to the avoidance of double taxation;