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We are a company which for many years has been providing legal support to employers who employ or plan to employ foreigners for their company.

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Temporary work, employee
and employee outsourcing

Do you recruit employees from abroad for clients in Poland? Do you hire employees from abroad for other companies in Poland? Do you represent a Temporary Employment Agency or an Outsourcing Company? Specialists from Employer Poland provide excellent advisory and executive support in optimizing legal processes related to the entry, employment and residence of Foreigners in Poland. The speed and effectiveness of our actions is supported by years of experience and thousands of administrative decisions obtained.

  • Advises the best legal form of conducting the above mentioned business activity [offering employee leasing services within the Temporary Employment Agency, or solutions in the field of Employee Leasing, Personnel Outsourcing or even Whole Business Process Outsourcing depends on the industry to which they address their offer, as well as the scope of needs and size of the Client’s company].
  • Obtains all permits and administrative decisions necessary for the legal work of international staff in Poland.